Letter To Richard Leese

Today 1st July marks the start of a new system to run the NHS in England since the passing of the Health and Care Act 2022. The NHS has now been split into 42 Integtated Care Systems. It is no longer a national organisation.

We are in the Greater Manchester ICS.

GMKONP has written to Richard Leese the chair of the Integrated Care Board to ask questions about the way that our health system will be organised. We have not received a reply.

We have also submitted Freedom Of Information questions, but we are not happy with the answers and have asked for a review. See here:


Today we decided to visit the office of the Integrated Care Board in 3 Piccadilly to deliver our letter to Richard Leese again. A representative of the Board came out to receive the letter. It can be read here:


A member of our group then read out our letter. You can watch this here: