Mental Health Victory

Just wanted to let you all know that we have won!  At least for the time
being, none of the 8 community based and specialist psychological services
will be closed by Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust. 

The Manchester Users Network had helped a service user to take a legal case
(judicial review), which was due to be heard at the end of July.  Now the
three Manchester CCGs have decided not to fight that case, and none of the
services will be closed.  This may only be a temporary pause, since they
say that they will review all mental health services in Manchester, and
MMHSCT itself is due to be taken over/amalgamated with one of the two
neighbouring mental health trusts.  Nevertheless it is a massive victory.

The legal case has tipped the balance, but that wouldn’t have happened
without months of campaigning by the UNISON branch (with support from
other unions), staff, and the Manchester Users Network.
I am jubilant that we have managed to stop the closures at this
late stage (they were due to close within the next month).

You can do it







Many thanks to everyone who has been involved in the campaign, and for all
the support we have received from within and outside Manchester.
Here’s a link to the Manchester Evening News article – the MEN has done
some excellent articles over the last few months, so thanks to them too.
Within the article you’ll find comment by the MUN Reporter.
Now that there is to be yet another review of mental health services, we
will need to continue the campaign to get the best mental health services
which the people of Manchester deserve.

Caroline Bedale