Update from the Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill

After a successful meeting in the House of Commons last week, Margaret Greenwood, Labour MP for Wirral West, will try to table the NHS Reinstatement Bill as a cross-party Ten Minute Rule Bill next Wednesday, 13th July 2016, immediately after Prime Minister’s Questions at about 12.30 p.m..

She will have 10 minutes to speak in favour of the Bill, one other MP can speak for 10 minutes against it, and then it can be put to the vote. If the vote is won, it will go forward for a second reading. It will be behind many other Bills and so will not become law in this session of Parliament – but it will help in building support outside Parliament and in keeping the pressure on MPs.
The privatisation of the NHS in England will continue until we have a law to stop it, so please ask your MP to attend the debate and to support the Bill.