Stockport Against Mental Health Cuts – News

 Keep the Well Being Centre Open

The petition was handed in to the council’s central area committee. We will be lobbying the full council on 29/10/16 at  5.30pm , Stockport Town Hall and then go in to ask questions from the public gallery.  Come and join us.

Cuts to Mental Health Support Workers

Stockport Council is proposing cuts to the mental health support worker budget of £140.000 in community mental health teams. These teams have suffered an 8% cut already, with a further 8% planned cuts proposals  to be consulted upon at the end of this month. The proposed cuts represent an 11% loss of support staff. Services will be cut back with no support work visits between 5 and 8pm, as well as weekends and bank holidays. This means that private agencies will need to be contracted, with an estimated knock on £160.000 increase in the council’s care management budget.

The impact of these cuts proposals if they go ahead include the following:

  • Increased use of  A and E department at SteppingHill Hospital
  • Increased hospital admissions
  • Increased workloads for nurses and social workers
  • Delays in crisis response
  • Vulnerable service users at risk
  • Out of hours service slashed
  • Weekend cover to go
  • Supported tenancies in danger
  • Risk of homelessness
  • Reduced support for people discharged from hospital, leading to more ‘bed blocking’
  • Redundancies & jobs down graded
  • Increased cost to the council and local health service
  • Suicide rates in Stockport are the highest in the North West. Between 2014-2015, the suicide rate has increased by 47% in Stockport.
  • Homelessness has risen in Stockport in the last year by a shocking 147%


What can you do?

  1. LOBBY the Council Committee at 5.30 pm, on Thursday 29th October, at Stockport Town Hall 
  2. Come and join us petitioning against these cuts in Stockport Town centre on Saturday  19th and 24th October, 11- 1pm, Warren Street, opposite Laura Ashley.
  3. Join the Facebook page to keep up to date with the campaign. 428673457317006/timeline/
  4. Get involved in the campaign meetings
  5. Write to your local MP and councillors
  6. Take the petition around your work places, families and communities- Request a copy by email
  7. There will be an online petition launched and we will forward this to you. Please share it widely.

NEXT CAMPAIGN MEETING 4th November at 6pm, Stockport Town Hall- All Welcome