NHS Crisis Protests – Wigan/Trafford/Manchester

Details of protests: Wigan: Friday 19 January, Wigan town hall (time TBC) Trafford: Tuesday, 23rd January 6.30 pm, Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road Stretford M32 0TH Manchester: Tuesday 30 January, 10am Manchester town hall All around Greater Manchester a series of demonstrations demanding action to fix the NHS crisis are now being planned.  Lobbies outside … Continue reading NHS Crisis Protests – Wigan/Trafford/Manchester

What could be worse than a privatised NHS ?

  This autumn sees the opening of the Trafford Care Co-ordination Centre. All GP referrals in Trafford and it seems social care as well, will be sent to this new centre. Sounds great you may say...it certainly seems that way in the corporate video you can watch here According to Trafford CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group- … Continue reading What could be worse than a privatised NHS ?