Write to councillors

We are asking all Greater Manchester supporters of KONP to write to their local councillors, and any councillors in your borough who you think would be supportive, about the Health & Care Bill. The way the NHS is governed in GM currently means that councillors can play a bigger role in opposing the effects of the Health & Care Bill, especially in how it will give private companies a seat at the table.

(If you live outside Greater Manchester it’s still worth you talking to your councillors but the issues are posed slightly differently, if this is you then get back to me and I can provide you with the appropriate information).

So, here is an explanation attached of what we are asking GM residents to do, and here is the message to send to your councillors. If your councillors are interested in knowing more, we have a briefing pack and other resources, so if you get a positive response please let us know via email and we can support.