Vaccines For All

Greater Manchester KONP has taken action in support of the impressive Vaccines for All campaign that was launched by Patients Not Passports, with this letter to all 10 Health and Wellbeing Boards within Greater Manchester and the GM Health & Social Care Partnership plus Mayor Andy Burnham.

We are asking them, not only to add their name to the call to the Department of Health and Social Care to implement these 4 demands but to do as much as they can to implement themselves those actions which they have the power to do.

  1. Guarantee a firewall that prevents any patient information gathered by the NHS or Test and Trace being used for the purposes of immigration enforcement.
  2. End all Hostile Environment measures in the NHS, including charging for migrants, to combat the fear and mistrust these policies have created.
  3. Provide specific support to all GP surgeries to register everyone, including undocumented and under-documented migrants and those without secure accommodation, and ensure that all other routes to vaccination are accessible to everyone.
  4. Fund a public information campaign to ensure that communities impacted by the Hostile Environment are aware of their right to access the vaccine and the steps taken above.