The Pandemic and Privatisation-how to fight back

The pandemic has been a goldmine for private contractors and management consultants. But while the private sector (not least Tory ministers’ chums and donors) celebrate their new-found riches, the fiascos of failed private services have been exposed to millions.
Privatised test and trace systems have become byword for failure, just as poor standards of hospital cleaning epitomised the failures of the first outsourced contracts in the 1980s.
The question is how health unions and campaigners can pool their knowledge and work together to develop the right publicity and information to show the folly and expose the waste and inefficiency of privatisation and outsourcing.
Join us for an online conference on February 25, called by Health Campaigns Together, working in partnership with the health unions UNISON, Unite and GMB, the PDA union, the TUC, Keep Our NHS Public, the NHS Support Federation (NHS For Sale), and The Lowdown.