NHS Devo Debate – Welcome to MHS

NHS debate: Does devolution in Manchester move the NHS closer to Nye Bevan’s vision for what it should provide?

The NHS is undergoing unprecedented reforms in Manchester, at a time of austerity and ongoing pressure on the public purse. The reforms claim to move the NHS towards a more integrated system aiming to improve the health of all by focusing on prevention and well-being, rather than just treating the sick after they have already become unwell.

Please join us for this event, in which those bringing in these reforms will debate the activists campaigning against them, using Bevan’s vision as a platform to discuss what we want from our NHS.

Debating panel:

Councillor Bev Craig – Executive member for adult services and health, Manchester City Council

Dr Binita Kane – Consultant respiratory physician, Manchester Foundation Trust, and clinical lead for the Health Innovation Manchester Respiratory Programme

Prof Ray Tallis – Retired professor of medicine, philosopher. writer, author of NHS SOS and member of Stockport NHS Watch

Ms Emma Runswick – medical student and member of BMA Council

The debate will be introduced and chaired by Lawrence Dunhill, senior correspondent for the Health Service Journal.

The event is free you can register here