Have your say – Integrated Care Providers Consultation – open untill 26th October 2018

Question: When is the best time for NHS England to consult
the public on massive changes to their NHS?
Answer: The summer holidays of course, when many people
are away and Parliament is in recess.
They are simply going through the motions and the consultation is a smokescreen to
moving ahead with their plans. NHS England, as directed by the government are moving
to an American Style Health Service with the creation of ‘Integrated Care Systems’
(previously called ‘Accountable Care Organisations’) and new contracts with
organisations to run these, who will be called ‘Integrated Care Providers’.
Integrated care is about making cuts and bringing free health care together with private
social care. The contracts will be based on a fixed sum for the treatment of a population
like the insurance based system in America. The Integrated Care Provider might be
a private company.
At the same time NHS England wants to know what we think about the scrapping of 17
surgical treatments such as dilation & curettage, breast reduction, grommets for glue
ear in children, varicose vein surgery and tonsillectomy for recurrent tonsillitis.
The full list is in the link below. NHS England would like to stop the funding of these by
April 2019 (to save £200m) except in exceptional circumstances.
If you need one of these, you will have to go private or suffer.
There are 2 consultations.

1) Integrated Care Providers – closes 26th October 2018
2) Scrapping 17 surgical procedures – closed 28th September 2018
NHS England are not making any effort to make sure that you know about these
consultations.  They are happy to say that people are not concerned by the changes.

But it is important that we do tell them that we are not happy with their plans.