Latest victim of Devo cuts – Family Nurse Partnership

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) in Manchester is being cut by Manchester City Council as a result of reductions to the Public Health Budget nationally.
FNP is an evidence based early intervention programme that helps to reduce inequalities in some of the most vulnerable groups within our society. FNP improves antenatal health, child health and development and parents’ economic self-sufficiency. This programme over the long term saves government funding therefore cutting it on the basis of cost savings is a false economy. 
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A demonstration against these cuts is being held at the next council meeting on Wednesday 30th November.

Come and join the Family Nurses and young mothers in solidarity with them and to stand against vital cuts that are being made to our public health services. Meet at the town hall for 08:30am; the councillors meeting starts at 10:00am. Contact Liz Holland, union Rep for more details