Lobby of Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust Board meeting on 31st March 2016

Manchester deserves better mental health services campaign – lobby of Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust Board meeting on 31st March 2016, assemble at 9.30am outside Chorlton House, 70 Manchester Road, M21 9UN.  The Trust will make its announcement about the closure of several vital frontline community recovery services and specialist psychological services, as well as some of the alcohol services which are being outsourced from 1st April.


Protest Lobby against cuts
MMHSCT Board meeting

Thursday 31st March
Assemble 9.30am

outside Chorlton House,
70 Manchester Road, M21 9UN

Frontline Mental Health services under threat

Recovery and Wellbeing:
Green Wellbeing
Individual Placement & Support
Studio One
Psychological Services:
Affective Disorders
Chronic Fatigue
Perinatal Liaison

The Trust Board plans to close vital services. Yet MMHSCT has no future (it will soon be taken over/ merge with another Trust). They should not be allowed to make these destructive decisions.

We demand continued funding for these services.

Alcohol and Drugs Services outsourced by M/c City Council
Brian Hore Unit and Dual Diagnosis Clinics to close
Recovery / Wellbeing / Psychological Services

Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust is planning
to close all the frontline recovery / wellbeing services, which
currently keep people well and out of hospital. They will also
close psychological services, some of which provide a regional
and national facility.  There is no substitute or replacement service for any of
these services.

Over 700 existing service users will have no alternative once their current treatment is finished. There will be nothing similar for service users in the future.
Staff will be made redundant—which will probably cost more
than keeping the services open.

Alcohol Services
Manchester City Council cut the budget and outsourced the
alcohol services which were run by MMHSCT. They will be combined
with drugs services from 1st April 2016 and run by CRI.
CRI has said they will close the Brian Hore Unit—which has for
many years provided detox, group therapy, and ongoing support
for people with alcohol problems.
About 20 staff are likely to be made redundant.
The Dual Diagnosis clinics will also be closed. It is unclear how
much Dual Diagnosis work with people who have mental health
problems and problems with alcohol or drugs might be transferred
to other parts of the service. But the clinics will certainly
close, and staff will be made redundant.

Manchester Community
& Mental Health Branch
http://www.mcmh.org.uk    March 2016

Manchester deserves better mental health services—a national scandal, a local crisis
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