Protest against the “Procurement for Health” Conference

Keep Our NHS Public is organising a demonstration outside the ICC from 0930 until 11.30 and is calling on every group and individual to support the protest and be there. 

This big conference on NHS procurement – where private companies secure NHS money for goods and services – is happening in Birmingham on Thursday 9 July: and KONP want you there.

Hundreds of delegates are expected at P4H’ – Procurement for Health . Dozens of private companies will be there,

hoping to persuade health professionals and NHS staff on the wisdom of buying their services.

Here is just some of the management jargon being used to sell the event:

‘Providing both professionals engaged within the delivery of NHS procurement and suppliers to the healthcare sector with a unique promotional, educational and engagement platform to connect and share best practice aligned to the delivery of today’s procurement marketplace challenge to optimise the cost of supplies and maintain high quality patient care.’

What this means is that private companies are being schooled in how to bid for then control NHS budgets. And this is trumpeted as a good thing. 
This Conference is about the systematic, profit-driven siphoning off of NHS money when there is NO need for it. About running a ‘marketplace’ in the NHS when nobody wants one other than the government and the private health industry. 
P4H is proclaimed as a joyous celebration of innovative enterprise, with images of suited, canny businessmen and women dashing to the NHS’s aid, as it struggles to cope with its laughable and crippling inefficiency – which of course, ONLY private enterprise can put right. THIS IS A LIE. The NHS is already the most efficient way of delivering healthcare. It never needed rescuing. This is plunder dressed up as redemption. Please, help counter the lie. Be there on 9 July. 
Event venue:     

JOIN US on Thursday 9th July in Birmingham. International Convention Centre Plaza, Broad St, Birmingham, West Midlands B1 2EA
Assembly point: 

By the main entrance, which faces a large open plaza. The atrium and exhibition halls themselves are private property, but the point will be to show a presence outside. 

Local media will be informed. 
Time: 9030-1130 Thursday 9 July
Getting there: 

Less than half a mile from Birmingham New Street station. If parking, there are plenty of choices of paying car parks as close or closer than the station. Street parking is not possible nearb