Medact – Manchester – New Campaign Group Formed

Medact is a charity for anyone involved in healthcare, both locally and globally – patients, cleaners, healthcare assistants, allied health professionals, nurses and doctors.  
We are worried about the future of our healthcare service in the aftermath of the general election, and worried about the impact of yet more cuts to services. We believe in a publicly funded healthcare service which is free to use and available to everyone who needs it.
This is a new group in Manchester, and we are open to everyone’s ideas about what we might do- campaigning, lobbying or just raising awareness. We’re interested in small direct actions which will improve people’s lives in and around Manchester. Unless you are a penniless hermit living in a desert cave, politics will have an impact on your life, and you deserve to have a say in all issues affecting you or your patients’ health.
If you’d like to get involved, or just to hear more, come along to our first meeting on 16th of July at Friends Meeting House (address below) on Thursday 16 July at 1800. There will be food, drink, friendly people, and opportunities to speak or just listen if you want.
You can contact us locally at, or find out more about Medact nationally at