Stockport Against Mental Health Cuts

Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group, alongside bosses from Stockport Council, Pennine Care and Stockport Foundation Trust, have decided to pay £450.000 to external management consultants for 12 weeks work, at the same time as cutting nursing posts.


” … to help the economy to move quickly from an adversarial to a collaborative relationship to enable the delivery of a new model of care.”

What this actually means is to ensure a streamlined approach to the implementation of cuts across these service areas.

What a disgrace!

This is OUR NHS and OUR money.

The CCG share is £210.000. This is being paid at the same time they are recommending that the cuts proposed by Pennine Care, to community mental health services, of a further £212.000 by April 2015, are implemented.

Make your views heard, decide the next steps to oppose these cuts- 

Come to the next Campaign organising meeting on 6/1/15 at 6pm Stockport Town Hall
For details of documents see below:…/Item-3-DRAFT-NHS-Stockport-CCG-Go…