No to TIPP – Secret trade deal which could destroy hopes of reclaiming our NHS


9 July 7pm NW UNISON Regional Centre, Arena Point,

1 Hunts Bank, M3 1UN

Our public services, environment and democracy are under threat from greedy corporate hands.

Behind closed doors, the EU and US are drawing up a shady new trade deal called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Shamefully, the UK government is a major supporter of this dodgy deal, which would tighten the grip of big business over our society. If agreed, TTIP would:

• Grant corporations the power to sue governments;

• Lock-in the privatisation of public services like the NHS and education;

• Undo regulations that protect workers, the environment and food safety, giving harmful industries like fracking an easier ride. But together, we can defeat this corporate power grab. Protests are gathering pace across the EU and US. And across the world, countries from South Africa to Ecuador are ripping up agreements like this one.

On Saturday 12 July 2014, people across the UK will be taking action together to say no to TTIP.

Let’s keep corporate hands off our society.

Join or organise an action in your area on 12 July. #NoTTIP


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