Salford Public asked to decide which vital services to cut

“The Government has already cut Salford City Council’s funding by £97 million since 2010; over the next three years our funding will be cut by another £82 million.

“The council spends most of its budget on services they must provide by law. Those services are being protected as far as possible. But that means that there isn’t much funding left to make the cuts and still set a legal budget. It is an awful situation.

“The council’s biggest spend is, rightly, on adult social care. But the sheer scale of these cuts means we do not have the same money to run the same services. This means we are facing some hard and extremely difficult choices about how we spend the reduced money available, while still trying to protect the most vulnerable. They must be our priority. The council is therefore proposing to withdraw or reduce funding or start charging for certain services as detailed in this booklet.

“It is now being forced to ask if you would be able to look elsewhere for support instead of from the services which are described in this booklet. Could you, or the person you care for, get support from your family, friends, neighbours or voluntary groups, using the council only as the very last resort.

“The council simply cannot do everything it has done before. It is heartbreaking but unavoidable in the current economic climate. I wish there was another way.

“The proposals for adult services are set out in this booklet. Your response will be taken on board. But the city council must make savings to set a legal budget and stay within the law. We will continue to work with our partners and other agencies to try and mitigate the impact of these proposals on Salford people if they are adopted.”

City Mayor Ian Stewart

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