Re-open Trafford General Accident and Emergency

The beds crisis at Wythenshawe Hospital is “wholly predictable, in was in fact predicted”.  We demand that  the Accident & Emergency unit at Trafford General Hospital is re-opened immediately.  A+E departments are not good generators of income for private profits and are therefore to be eliminated wherever possible in this governments’ corporate betrayal of our NHS. It is about time those earning a good living from implementing these policies thought about whose interests it is that they are serving.

That closing one A&E would lead to increased demand on neighbouring hospitals is surely not rocket science. The current beds crisis at Wythenshawe Hospital is clearly a result of the closure of Trafford General A&E. This was wholly predictable and was in fact predicted by those of us campaigning to save Trafford’s services. Still worse, when Trafford closed, not all of the conditions established for a viable alternative service had been met, merely “assurances” given that it would all be fine.  Now we see the results of these crazed closures policies, as we head into the busiest time of the year for our National Health Service.

We welcome the fact that Manchester and Trafford councils are now looking into this. They must conclude that closing Trafford A&E has proved a disaster within days, and take action towards Trafford once more having an Accident & Emergency unit, and  those responsible being held to account.
Campaign spokesperson Hugh Caffrey