Plasma service privatisation

The government has decided to sell the Plasma service.

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The government is currently seeking a purchaser. Initial information has mentioned a few companies showing an interest, all foreign multinationals.

The German firm is a ‘plasma company’ by the name of “Biotest AG”. There is some concern about the track record of Biotest, with the possibility that they lost their license at some time in the past. They also appear to be doing a lot of business with China, where they can get a better price for some of their products. Biotest AG were accused in the 1990s of selling HIV-contaminated blood in Germany.

From America there are two companies, “Baxter International”, which I believe is a company that handles ‘plasma products’ and whose share price seems to be on the up, they were involved in a huge US scandal in 2009 involving contaminated heparin

The other US company is “Bain Capital”, a private equity firm (where presidential candidate Mitt Romney made his millions, and still has shares). The ‘shadier’ side of these companies is connected with ‘asset stripping’. It has a reputation for allegedly being one of the most unprincipled and unscrupulous venture capitalist firms in the USA and

And lastly, the Spanish company has to be Grifols. They are the European leaders in this business.

To do

1) Get your MP to sign the EDM

2) Tell people what’s happening, especially health service workers who may well not know much about this