Trafford Keep Our NHS Public
next Thursday, 10th November, at 8pm onwards
at The Robin Hood Pub, 125 Barton Rd, Stretford, Manchester M32 9AF.

Now plans for health and social care are being taken together, under an (at present) unelected Mayor of Greater Manchester.

At the same time, the NHS in England has been forced to cut a further £2.3billion by the end of this financial year, to make up for its “over-spend” in the past 2 years.

  • What will be the effect on services in Trafford?
  • Will there be further cuts and privatisations of health care, along with social/home care?
  • Will there be more sell-offs of NHS buildings (like Stretford Memorial)?
  • How can we support the junior doctors, still protesting their contracts?
  • How can we alert local people to the threats to their NHS?

There will be many opportunities, in the coming months, to publicise and campaign about what is happening in NHS. If you want to be part of the it…please come to our



 Keep Our NHS Public Trafford

Contact Steve Tennant:    or   Pia Feig:









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