As we have been demonstrating outside the hospital, SteppingHill, every Tuesday for 6 months now, we are planning to make the demo on Feb14 th a bigger event and we hope to have some MP”s there!  Rather  a vain  hope, I think! We will have a Valentines theme, I love the NHS or similar, as it is Valentine’s Day.

We will pulling out all the publicity stops as well and would welcome anyone who could come along to make as big an event as we can.

Tuesday Feb 14th from 8 am on the A 6 entrance to the hospital.
Look forward to seeing you there !



Excellent work being done by Stockport NHS Watch

Website here


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Stockport United Against Austerity can be found at:
Click on the Stockport United  “badge” to view the Stockport United page.
You can  also contact Stockport United Against Austerity @

38 Degrees Stockport

  • Petition handed to CCG


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