No English Hospital Is Safe

The government is rushing through powers to shut your hospital without ever consulting you. Help ensure no decision is taken about you, without you.
In a few weeks MPs will vote on a hastily drafted piece of legislation, that if passed will lead to the fast track closure of hospitals in England without public consultation.

Take action now to stop Clause 118 of the Care bill – write to your local MP. Unite has made it easy by drafting the text. All you need to do isfollow the link, put in your postcode and click submit. 

Clause 118 of the Care Bill, dubbed the ‘hospital closure clause, is being rushed through parliament hot on the heels of Jeremy Hunt’s high court defeat over his attempts to close the very successful Lewisham hospital.

No English hospital will be safe from financially driven closures – no matter how successful or financially viable, if there is a failing hospital nearby.

We won’t get a say; the decision to close will be taken by government appointed ‘special administrators’ alone more interested in balancing the books, than in patient care.  Local people, doctors and councillors will not be consulted in any meaningful way. It’s an affront to democracy.

Don’t be silenced, the decision whether to close our local hospitals or not cannot be at the whim of a Westminster bureaucrat. Local communities must get a say. Whatever happened to the mantra used by the coalition to sell the recent NHS reconfiguration to us all – ‘no decision about me, without me’.

Stand up for your right to be heard. For more information on the threat of Clause 118 and what you can do to oppose it, visit the
Unite website