Time to end the NHS experiment with the market?

It is only five years since Andrew Lansley forced through the biggest change in the NHS in a generation. “So big it can be seen from space” declared David Nicholson - its CEO at the time. Competition, patient choice and GP-led commissioning were all central themes. This was stepping up the NHS market experiment which was first started by legislation in 1989. The current CEO of the NHS, Simon Stevens has set a new direction, initially laid out in his Five Year Forward View and now being implemented across the country in the form of new models of care. He has declared that the current market structure in the NHS - which gives separate roles to purchasers and providers is on the way out, to be replaced by integration and joint planning.


A thorn by any other name….

Simon Stevens has decided that remarketing accountable care systems as integrated care systems will be slightly less frightening - see below. Only the name has been changed, to protect the guilty. Clearly we need to decide what to call them. My starter for 10 is Disintegrated Care Systems - or you may wish to choose … Continue reading A thorn by any other name….

NHS STOCKPORT CCG High profile vanguard faces threat of industrial action

By Lawrence Dunhill, 23 January 2018 Unison has issued an indicative ballot asking staff if they are prepared to take industrial action. Staff concerns present further difficulties for a project which has already been scaled back from initial plans. Questions raised about projected reductions in hospital activity, as well as the involvement of the former … Continue reading NHS STOCKPORT CCG High profile vanguard faces threat of industrial action