Bury CCG is proposing to cut the two walk-in centres in Bury, ie the Bury Urgent Treatment Centre and the Prestwich Walk-in Centre, when the contract with Pennine Care runs out next March. I believe there was a protest involving Andy Burnham (Labour’s candidate for GM mayor) outside the Bury Centre on Friday, and there was a Labour Party petition stall in Prestwich yesterday, with about 30 people and signing up the vast majority of passers-by. The LP on-line petition about the Prestwich closure also now has about 3,000 signatures and can be found at : https://www.change.org/p/bury-ccg-clinical-commissioning-group-stop-the-closure-of-the-prestwich-and-bury-walk-in-centres. 

Bury KONP has now been formed contact will be Richard Harvey.  Anyone in the Bury area interested in saving the NHS

Please contact us and we will forward your details on to Richard.


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