Write to the Lords – adopt a peer – Urgent vote on 24th April

Below is a template for a short letter to send to peers, hand write if possible. This is the single most important thing we can do right now – the vote is on 24th April…

short letter template for peers

In case it helps with targeting Peers, I have produced an updated spreadsheet showing voting patterns during the passage of the Health and Social Care Act last year. In all, there were 32 divisions, culminating in a vote to decline to allow the bill to pass. No Conservative or Labour Peer ever broke ranks to vote with the other side and only one Lib Dem, Tony Greaves, voted to stop the Bill at third reading (as did Jenny Tonge, now independent). The Crossbench Peers were more pragmatic in their approach, with many voting both for and against the opposition on different amendments. I have ranked them in order of the number of anti-government votes and indicated their vote on the final motion to stop the Bill. (I didn’t have time to include pro-government votes, but the figures show the propensity to vote with the opposition, albeit some of the amendments were not particularly significant). The top few are likely to vote with the opposition again, so probably best to target those in the middle, perhaps down to 5 votes. Those at the bottom of the list are new: of these, Lord Williams of Oystermouth is Rowan Williams, who might be favourably inclined, as may Beeban Kidron and perhaps Martha Lane Fox.

I have also shown the “others”. There are a fair number who tended to vote with the opposition on the Bill and the top Bishops may be worth targetting too (and perhaps the new Archbishop of Canterbury).

Non-whipped votes with opposition on Health Bill 2012(1)